Advanced Printing for Windows Graphics Printing in San Diego

Window graphics are an amazing way to promote your brand, especially when you have space limitations. They provide your business premises with an eye-catching frontage, ensuring privacy for an overlooked window. Also, they offer you protection from Sun’s harmful UV rays. Looking for windows graphics printing services in San Diego, CA? Turn to Advanced Printing! We offer multiple options, quality, and prices that you cannot deny!

Things to be Considered in Windows Graphics Printing

Here are some of the things to be considered in windows graphics printing:

Media Selection – With window graphics printing, you want to make sure that you select media that’s either transparent or translucent. This way, light can still pass through and you ensure that a window remains a window.

White Ink Printer – It is important to ensure that you print on a printer that is able to print white ink. This is because the whitening allows you to selectively block out certain areas that you don’t want light to pass through. It creates a prenup that’s both bright and vibrant.

Print Modes – If you are printing with no graphics, you need to make sure that the prints can be seen from the inside as well as the outside. For this, you will choose the white color mode. White color mode, as it itself suggests, you first print a color layer, followed by a white layer, and then another color layer. What this does is it ensures that a printout is visible from both sides.

Amount of White Ink Used – What you want to do is use as little white ink as possible to achieve the desired results. This also translates to ink savings and that’s always a good thing!

Correct Clearing Temperature – You want to set the correct clearing temperature. As you’ll be printing multiple layers color white color, you want to make sure that each layer is dry before the subsequent layer is printed.

We Use the Latest Technology & Equipment to Offer You Highest Quality Prints

At Advanced Printing, the latest technology and equipment to offer you highest quality prints. Before starting with custom window graphics printing, we first check the file to make sure that the white spot layer has been set correctly. We enter the job settings, select a media that we’ll be using for color white color prints, and set the curing temperature based on what we have tested before. Next, we map the spot color layer from the PDF to the rip so that it knows which areas to print white. Additional adjustments to the temperature settings can be performed if required.

Whether you need small or large window graphics printing solutions in San Diego? Look no further than Advanced Printing!