Catalog Printing

Promote Your Products & Services with Top-Quality Business Catalogs

Catalogs are one of the most popular and widely used marketing tools to promote various business offerings that can truly engage customers and build loyalty. Although catalogs also work great for promoting services, they are a must for any business selling products. Advanced Printing is your most reliable business catalog printing company in San Diego. We have printed catalogs for hundreds of clients in the past, from virtually every industry. Whether you are looking for product catalog printing service for home décor, industrial products, or high-end fashion apparel, we have you covered!

Why Catalogs Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

After the 2007-08 recession, which was followed by a retail apocalypse, many retailers started cutting costs by removing catalogs from their marketing strategy and focusing more on other channels, such as social media, e-mails. However, studies show that the response rate for a printed piece of advertising has been rising and younger generations, millennials, and the like, are the most avid fans of printed materials. Why? People prefer something tangible! A catalog allows them to leaf through the pages at their leisure and enjoy every page, making this marketing tool a must-have. At Advanced Printing, we provide you with superior quality catalog printing services inSan Diego that ensure a long-lasting impression on customers and generate inquiries.

We Have Catalogs Available in Standard and Custom Sizes

When it comes to color catalog printing, Advanced Printing has multiple options available for you. Depending on your choice, you can either go for our standard 5.5"x8.5", 6"x6", 6"x9", 8.5"x11", to 9"x12” catalog sizes, or get a catalog custom-sized to suit your need. You can try making your own custom catalog printing design in many different sizes by using our free catalog templates online or have one of our team members review your file for any technical errors.

We Offer Both Short-Run & Bulk Custom Catalog Printing Solutions

Whether you are looking for short-run catalogs for small-quantity requirements or bulk custom catalog printing in San Diego service for large-quantity orders, we can cater to your unique business needs. We have catalogs available for small to medium and even large-size businesses. Our short-run catalog printing is a great option for personal use as the order quantity ranges between 25 to 150 pieces. We offer absolute precision and quality. Every catalog that we print is consistent in quality and durability. Geared more to highlight content over product, our catalogs are very much about the lifestyle your brand offers rather than just specifications.

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Catalogs engage customers differently. They attract them to make a choice in the real world—not the virtual matrix world of online retail. Overlooking this amazing marketing tool can mean a lot of business opportunities being lost to competitors.CallAdvanced Printing today for wholesale catalog printing services in San Diego and let us provide you with the best catalogs for your business. Businesses keep coming to print their product lines each season because they trust us to produce a high-quality product—and we never them down.

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