Learning the Difference Between Offset Printing and Digital Printing

When it comes to printing advertising materials — brochures, catalogs, business cards, etc. — people generally have two printing methods: offset printing and digital printing in San Diego. The former has long been used to create high-quality images on a sheet of paper, while the latter is relatively new but is used increasingly to print on a wide range of materials. Both are excellent for professional printing projects, delivering outstanding results. You just need to learn the difference between the two to get the most out of them. 



Here is what you should know about these two printing methods:


Offset printing in San Diego


This technology uses aluminum plates to transfer an image onto a rubber cylinder, which is then rolled onto a sheet of paper to create the impression. This method is called “offset” because the ink isn’t directly applied to the surface but instead gets transferred from a rubber cylinder or blanket to the surface. It offers high-quality, cleaner results at a much lower cost and allows you to print on a variety of substrates. It is often the best course of action when you need larger quantities of prints. 


Advantages of offset printing

  • Larger quantities can be printed at a fraction of the cost
  • The more your printing requirements, the cheaper the price per piece
  • You can print on a range of paper substrates
  • Now specialized inks, such as metallic, Pantone, etc. are available
  • You get the highest quality of prints possible 

Digital printing in San Diego


This technology involves the use of digital printers, which resemble your desktop laser printer but are larger in size and feature color monitoring. It is faster than offset printing, enabling you to print hundreds of prints in a matter of minutes. It is the best course of action when you require shorter runs of prints — think of 20 business cards or 1000 brochures. The print that forms on the substrates is always the same, as it doesn’t involve the balance of ink or water during the printing process. Its low-cost ability for short runs comes from the fact that setting up a digital printing shop in San Diego is light on the pocket. 


Advantages of digital printing

  • Lower set up cost for short runs of prints
  • Lower minimum quantity
  • Inexpensive for small qualities
  • Faster printing abilities

Final Note


While offset printing is an excellent choice if you want to have high-quality prints in larger qualities, many businesses and individuals require prints in smaller quantities for which digital printing in San Diego is the way to go. Your print quantity and budget can help you go for the most suitable option for your printing project and save you cost and time.


If you are looking for an offset or digital printing shop in San Diego, feel free to get in touch with us, and discuss your requirements. We assure you that we will finish your project at the lowest cost possible with quality printing guaranteed.