Get Your High Volume Projects Delivered Quickly With Offset Printing

If you’re looking for quality print products such as brochures, magazines, catalogs, etc., offset printing is the answer for you. This old printing method may prove a bit costly for small print products like business cards or flyers but it serves as the ideal method for high volume project requirements.

Since there are different methods of printing available in the market, getting a clear understanding of them can often become difficult. Offset printing is a process that uses a computer to produce your image on a plate, which then prints the image onto the material. What the metal plate does is that it transfers the ink onto a rubber blanket, which then rolls the image onto the printing material.

If you’re looking for printing services in San Diego, Advanced Printing can deliver quality print products for you using an offset printing method. There are advantages to using this method. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Offset printing will offer you superb quality every single time. The printer operator can regulate the flow of ink, which ensures that there are fewer wasted prints. This means that you receive sharp, clean images on every single piece
  • Another plus point about offset printing is that it gets the job done at a lower cost. You may get a slightly higher quality with photogravure or rotogravure methods but you will have to spend extra money for that additional touch of quality. Offset printing will offer you quality and excellent costs for getting high volume projects done quickly and efficiently
  • Although offset printing method calls for a little bit of effort in terms of setting up the plate and the equipment, all the additional effort involved in setting it up shows its worth when it comes to quickly print high volume projects. Often standard printers pose the problem of suddenly running out of ink and producing a faded image. This problem isn’t faced with the offset printing method as the printer operator checks the ink flow to ensure that the print quality isn’t sacrificed at any stage. This means that printing your projects will not get interrupted in between the process, which helps in printing a good amount of print products in less time
  • Printing companies like the Advanced Printing have to create a customized printing plate for your printing requirements. Modern technology has enabled us to make plates at lowers costs. This ensures that you as a customer will not have to spend a huge sum of money to get your print products made
  • The most amazing feature of offset printing is that it works with different printing surfaces. You can get your image printed on fabric, leather, metal, paper, plastic, and many other surfaces. You’re not bound only to paper

For unparalleled printing services in San Diego, CA, get in touch with Advanced Printing. We have years of experience in printing services and can get your projects delivered quickly with supreme quality.