Digital Printing Vs. Offset Printing: Which One Should You Choose?

Many people don’t really care about the difference between the methods available to get stuff printed. After all, it’s all just the same right?

Wrong! Knowing the various printing methods that are available out there will help you to save a few bucks while giving you what you are actually looking for.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We will walk you through the major differences between digital printing and offset printing in this blog. Let’s begin, shall we?

1) Offset Printing

This printing technology involves the use of aluminum plates that pass on the colors and the design to be printed onto a blanket cylinder made of rubber, Then begins the actual process of transferring the image onto a sheet of paper. The process is such that the ink is not imprinted on the sheet directly. That is why it is called offset printing.

Pros of using offset printing technology:

  • The more you print, the less you have to pay.
  • Perfect for those who have huge printing needs — more than 500-1000 pieces.
  • Excellent quality; high-definition colors.
  • Custom inks are available.

Cons of using offset printing technology:

  • It can be expensive if you need to print a small batch.
  • The ink needs time to dry. This means longer turnaround times.
  • Plates have to be etched for every project.
  • Any error while printing or mistakes in the design itself would cause significant losses since it is a time-consuming and expensive procedure.

2) Digital Printing

As a digital printing company in San Diego, we offer a variety of digital printing services to our customers. Digital printing uses electronic means to transfer the digital image directly onto the printable surface. Thus, you don’t need rollers or plates for the job as it eliminates their need and uses toners or ink in their place instead.

Pros of using digital printing technology:

  • Faster turnaround times. Printing can be started immediately.
  • Can be used to print on different surfaces of varying shapes and sizes.
  • Helpful for those who want customized sheet sizes.
  • Cheaper than offset printers if you have modest printing requirements.
  • Ideal for small projects.
  • Each print can be customized as per your needs.

Cons of using digital printing technology:

  • If you are looking for specific shades, then you might want to opt for offset printing because digital printing involves the use of standard inks.
  • Can be expensive for huge volume projects.

It all boils down to your budget, your requirements, and your deadlines when you have to make the choice. So, choose carefully!

We offer a range of digital printing services in San Diego. Whether you want eye-catching flyers, banners, greeting cards, stickers, or business cards — we are the experts for the job and can meet your unique digital printing needs like a boss! To know more about the options available to you, get in touch with us today.