A Guide to Choosing the Right Printing Company for Your Vehicle Wraps

It is not uncommon to notice fleet vehicles be it trucks, cars, or service vans with eye-catching graphics. That is vehicle wrapping for you. Vehicle wraps have become an excellent way to advertise your brand and the technology to create wraps offers a variety of options. When choosing a vehicle wrap printing service, affordability is definitely something to consider but more importantly, you must also do a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that it is money well spent.

Vehicle wrapping may get a little complicated and that is exactly why you must be careful while finalizing the printing service to get the job done with perfection. Experience, expertise, and the right facility are required! Here are a few questions that will help you determine if a vehicle wrap printing service is the right one for you:

For how long have they been doing the job?

It is true that the only way experience is gained is by doing the work but why go with somebody who is just starting out when you have the option of choosing someone who already has valuable years of experience to their credit! The quality and satisfaction you will receive from an experienced company will surely be more lucrative than any discount price offered by a newcomer in the field.

Do they have a portfolio showcasing their work?

Always look for their website before getting them on board. Check if they have a gallery of their previous work and who they have done wraps for. Calling the prior customers for references is probably the best way to form a genuine opinion about their quality of work.

What materials are used?

Ask them what material they use for installation. Avery and hexis cast film among others are good for the work. Also, ensure that their vehicle wrap printer is in proper functioning condition. Opt for a printing service that has state of the art printer as that would mean better-finished product.

What is their installation environment like?

A definitive way of determining if they are professionals and fit for the job is to check out their installation environment. If it looks like an installer’s garage or is set up in a building that was on ‘to let’ until recently, you are at the wrong place. Mobile installers should also be a big no as they can’t provide the optimum conditions required for the application.

How do they incorporate the design?

Pay heed to how well the designs reflect the businesses’ brands when checking out their previous work. Are the designs eye-catching? Do they look aesthetically appealing? This will give you a fair idea of how yours will be incorporated!

We are sure you would have gone to a lot of troubles to build your brand and it is only smart to be extra cautious while choosing a vehicle wrap printing service. Advanced Printing has the experience and expertise to do the work with perfection. Do get in touch with us for all your vehicle wrapping requirements.